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Eva Longoria's Busy-Girl Workout

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Actress, producer, philanthropist—Eva Longoria truly does it all.

Yet with such a hectic schedule spanning across the seven seas, Longoria proves it's possible to stay fit, no matter your timetable or time zone. And she recently revealed her low-cost secret.

"I'm a runner. I don't need a gym, I'll go run anywhere,” Longoria told E! News, adding that she uses her runs to sightsee.

“I was in Australia, Budapest and Paris...In Australia, I went running around the botanical gardens and when I got to Paris I ran around the Eiffel tower," she said. "And when I was in Budapest I ran around their little medieval section passing the castle. It's truly one of the best forms of exercising and the best thing to do while traveling because you get to sight-seeing and as I'm running I was really standing under the Eiffel tower at seven in the morning going ‘this is so cool!'"

There you have it! Really, is there anything the girl can't do?


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