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Extreme Weight Loss Recap: Fraternal Twins' Incredible Transformation


Last night the third season of the hit ABC show Extreme Weight Loss (formerly Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition) premiered, and trainer Chris Powell took on the double challenge of helping fraternal twins David and Rebecca lose a combined 418 pounds in an emotional two hours of TV.

The brother-sister duo embarked on a year-long fitness journey after Chris surprised the twins on their 23rd birthday, when David weighed in at a massive 470 pounds and Rebecca at 398 pounds.

Although very close, the siblings’ tough childhood led them to turn to food for comfort and to each other in a dangerous co-dependency that led to their morbid obesity.

David even admitted that he tried to take his own life after becoming so depressed and unhappy.

For the first 90 days of the show's intervention, Chris separated the twins and enlisted the help of his fitness expert wife Heidi to help Rebecca in Arizona, while David returned home to North Prairie, WI.

Overcoming mental barriers and physical challenges, the pair accomplished things that they never thought they would, such as taking part in a punishing night of Navy SEAL training.

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By month nine in their year-long journey, some animosity had grown between the twins. Rebecca felt that her brother was sabotaging their weight-loss efforts and not being as dedicated as she was. It was tough seeing their relationship disintegrate.

When the twins weighed in on day 270, it turned out that David was a candidate for skin removal surgery…and Rebecca wasn’t, which left her brother devastated. He felt guilty that he wasn’t more supportive in helping his sister be as committed as she wanted to be.

So Chris made the tough but wise decision to separate the twosome again so they could just focus on themselves.

In a scene that was simply heartbreaking, David tearfully confessed to his father just before going under the knife that he was once addicted to alcohol and painkillers. Seeing David release all the shame and guilt he had been carrying before his surgery was a real tear-jerker.

The best part of the show, of course, was the big "after" reveal in front of their family and friends, and the final weigh-in. David lost a massive 212 pounds, bringing him down to 258, and Rebecca dropped 206 pounds to weigh in at 192, down from her original weight of 398 pounds. And she finally qualified for skin removal surgery.

It’s so hard not to be inspired by the participants of this show and watching their incredible transformations! Did you watch? What did you think of the twins' weight loss journey? Share below or tweet us @Shape_Magazine!

You can watch Extreme Weight Loss on ABC on Tuesdays at 8/7c.

Video Bonus: We sat down with Chris and Heidi Powell behind the scenes at our June fitness shoot to get their top advice for staying fit, watch the video below to see what they said.


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