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Gisele Bundchen Does Some Al Fresco Meditation

Forget about red carpets and floor-length gowns, we prefer running paths and workout gear—and these celebs feel the same! Find out who put in the hard work this week for a healthy body and mind.

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1. Not-so-sleeping beauty. Donning dark, dramatic wings, Angelina Jolie worked hard for her badass role as the villain in Maleficent. The actress partnered up with stunt coordinator Eunice Huthart to train, telling USA Today, "She made me do yoga. And I have no patience for yoga. It's not something I do easily, because I'm not a still person. But I was forced to do yoga because (to fly) you have to have your core strength to be able to hold yourself." Up for the challenge yourself? Perfect these poses for a strong core!

2. Al fresco meditation. Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen stretched into dancer’s pose at sunset and posted a picture captioned: “Good night sunshine! Boa noite!” Bundchen is a dedicated yogi and starts each morning with the practice, incorporating lunges, triceps pushups, and core work. A self-professed athlete, Bundchen also loves the Tracy Anderson Method, martial arts, and anything outdoors, from hiking to biking. 

3. A positive role model. After Lady Gaga’s SXSW Performance, in which the singer knelt down, stuck a finger down her mouth, and pretended to up-chuck next to an actual vomit painter, Demi Lovato took to Twitter to say that the show was “glamorizing eating disorders.” "Sad...” wrote Lovato. “Bottom line, it's not 'cool' or 'artsy' at all...Addiction is addiction.” Of course, the issue hits home for Lovato. She entered rehab in 2010 for “physical and emotional issues” and has since been a proponent in spreading awareness for young women.

4. Finding a balance. Actress Maria Menounos opened up about her lifelong weight lessons to Ladies’ Home Journal, revealing that she’s been hospitalized for exhaustion, malnutrition, and dehydration, and even once lost 40 pounds in one year. Today her motto is simple: "Just because you're thinner doesn't mean you're healthier." The Extra host now lives a healthy, well-balanced life, telling Shape that she eats “everything in moderation” and gets physical with spin classes and krav maga, an Isreali martial art.

5. Raising the barre. Flaunting a killer six-pack and sculpted arms, Rosie Huntington-Whitely defied gravity on a Pilates Cadillac machine at the Ballet Bodies fitness studio. “Stretching out @balletbodies today #pilates #stretch#strong #body,” wrote the self-proclaimed foodie and supermodel. In a recent interview with Vogue Australia, Huntington-Whitely gushed, “Exercise is where everything starts for me...I’m learning how to surf at the moment...Just trying something active, like hiking with girl friends or going to the gym. I’m obsessed with yoga."


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