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The Gosbaby Arrives, Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo Hit the Gym Together, and Maria Sharapova Shares Her Gorgeous-Skin Secrets

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For us, fitness isn’t just a fad; it’s a way of life. This week, we choose some of Hollywood’s healthiest who remind us to stay committed to a life of health and happiness. What stories have you talking? Tweet us @Shape_Magazine, tag us on @Instagram, or comment below.

1. Hey, girl. Congratulations are in order for Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, who welcomed their baby girl into the world last Friday, according to Us Weekly. There are so many surprises (the couple managed to keep the pregnancy under wraps for seven months!) with these two, but one thing we can count on for sure is that Mendes will be back in stellar shape in no time. She’s a longtime devoted runner and has previously said that she runs four to five times a week, mixing it up “among distance running, intervals on a track, and running uphill on a treadmill."

2. The couple that works out together... We have to say, Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo just may be the most adorable workout buddies. “You know what? @jasonderulo is the best workout buddy,” Sparks gushed on one gym selfie of the pair. “Thanks for encouraging me & pushing me to go harder!! BOOM! #getitrightgetittight #healthie #speezyfitness.” The American Idol star (And former Shape cover girl!) previously dropped about 50 pounds and opened up to us about how she kick-started her fitness with baby steps, such as walking and jogging, and eventually turned to more high-intensity exercises such as boxing and Zumba classes.

3. Yet another scandal saved by Olivia Pope. As we all know, conversation about domestic abuse has taken center-stage this week following the recent Ray Rice controversy. Now, Kerry Washington is speaking out about another form of abuse: financial domestic abuse. "Financial abuse leaves invisible bruises that can take decades to heal," the actress says in a PSA for Allstate's Purple Purse initiative, of which Washington is an ambassador. According to the National Network to End Domestic Violence, financial abuse occurs in 98 percent of all abusive relationships, is difficult to recognize, and can come in many forms. Need to give some T.L.C. to your personal finances? Read our 16 money rules every woman should know by age 30 and see how your checkbook fares! 

4. From the inside out. Want skin like Maria Sharapova? Now you can have it! The tennis pro is dishing her secrets in debut of her new anti-aging skincare line, Supergoop, crediting sun protection and hydration for her glow. “My mom always told you’ve got to think ahead—you have beautiful skin now but have to think about the future. Sun protection just became part of my every day regimen before I went out on the court,” she explained to Access Hollywood. Moreover, the athlete knows the importance of staying hydrated and eating healthy. “Hydration is a big part of tennis,” she continues, saying that she drinks half a liter of water every morning. “It also helps get you in the regime of thinking constantly about what you put in your body and how much it really does matter.”

5. In it to win it. Desperate Housewives star Teri Hatcher made a splash at the 2014 Nautica Malibu Triathlon this week, completing a half-mile swim in the Pacific Ocean, an 18-mile bike course, and a four-mile run with a final time of 2:20:37. The actress’ daily 10-minute workout routine is reported to consist of 20 lunges, squats, biceps curls, shoulder presses, pushups, and chair dips, and, as Hatcher shares via Twitter, all her hard work is paying off. “Fitness never felt so sexy,” she captioned a behind-the-scenes photo shoot shot. “Backyard shoot made all my workouts worth it.” 


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