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How Anne Hathaway Got in Catwoman Shape for Batman: The Dark Knight Rises


Congratulations, Anne Hathaway! The actress is officially engaged to long-time boyfriend Adam Shulman. After dealing with the much-publicized fallout of her last relationship with Raffaello Follieri, who officially pled guilty to 14 counts of money laundering, conspiracy, and wire fraud in 2008, it looks like the "ultimate on-screen princess" will finally get her own happy ending. 

Hathaway is also set to star in the latest installment in the Batman trilogy, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, which is set to be released winter of 2012. While the thought of having to wear a skintight black leather catsuit might scare some people, it didn't faze Hathaway. Here's what she did to get in shape for her role as Catwoman: 

1. She worked out five days a week. In addition to cardio and training to do her own stunts, Hathaway also started working Bikram yoga into her workout. 

3. She changed her diet. Hathaway, who's a vegetarian, joked that in order to get in shape for the role, she was living off of "kale and dust," while she trained. While that may not be entirely true, she did adhere to a strict diet that included lots of veggies, and very little sugar and simple carbs. 

3. She lifted weights. Although she never used to be a fan of working out, Hathaway says now that she's used to it, she's "that person" who really enjoys it. 


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