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How Maria Menounos Stays So Sexy

Shape magazine

Between producing, acting, writing books, and hosting TV shows, you’d think Maria Menounos would have an entourage following her everywhere to take care of all her needs. Nope—she prefers to “always be moving.”

“I carry my own bags, take the stairs, and walk instead of sitting or riding. I make every second count,” she reveals in the October issue of Shape.

In fact, on a recent vacation to the Bahamas, she snuck in squats and lunges while brushing her teeth, went for long walks, and swam laps in the ocean as her “workout” for the day. See, you can fit in fitness anytime, anywhere—you just have to commit.

“I see health as a journey, not a destination,” she explains. “My goal is always move toward being better.”

Part of her journey included becoming vegetarian, which she found to be very easy since she loved animals. “I have more energy and I’m happier,” she adds.

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For more secrets to how she stays happy, logs eight hours of sleep every night, kept a 5-pound weight gain from becoming 40 pounds, and her do-anywhere workout routine, pick up the October issue of Shape, on newsstands nationwide September 15.


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