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How Vh1’s Carrie Keagan Wakes Up in the Morning


In a comedic industry primarily dominated by dudes, joining the lineup of ladies with both funny bones and bangin’ bods is Carrie Keagan, the host of Vh1’s edgy morning show, Big Morning Buzz Live.

Live from the lobby of VH1’s headquarters in Times Square five days a week, Keagan gets up close and personal with the most buzzed about celebrities and candidly discusses everything from mainstream headlines to up-and-coming acts in film, music, fashion, television, and the Web.
The blonde bombshell took a break from preparing for the Buzz’s second season to give us the exclusive scoop on her a.m. ritual including: what she eats to get going, her crack of dawn playlist, and how she manages to squeeze a workout into her nonstop schedule.
Power breakfast
“When I’m doing the show, I literally live on oatmeal and eggs,” Keagan says. “It gives me enough protein to keep me full, and the oatmeal makes me feel like I have some energy. Those are my go-to foods.”
Walk it out
“It’s very difficult to try and fit in exercise when I’m doing the show,” Keagan says. “But thank God, I live in New York City, because I walk everywhere I can possibly walk. I would take the stairs rather than take the escalator. If I have to go all the way downtown, I would walk as far as I could before my little feet would give out.”
Morning music
“When I’m getting ready, for the show at least, we put on Vh1's Jump Start,” Keagan says. “So it’s all the music that they’re playing on Vh1 right now. That’s my playlist.”


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