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Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Booty, Zosia Mamet Reveals a Personal Struggle, and Jennifer Aniston On Being Ageless

Jennifer Lopez Instagram/Gomillion Leupold

Forget about runways and red carpets—we’re looking to the stars this week for some real life motivation! And as these A-listers show, good health and happiness is the best accessory you can wear. Who in Hollywood inspires you? Tweet us @Shape_Magazine, tag us on @Instagram, or comment below.

1. You live, you learn. Though she’s pretty much flawless to us, even Jennifer Aniston would love to drop five pounds—she just doesn’t obsess about it. “These days, if I was being super picky, I would love to drop five pounds,” the A-lister admitted to Yahoo! Beauty. “That is just where I have always been really comfortable at about 110 to 113 pounds. But it is harder to get that down, at this age." Another think Aniston’s letting go of—the pressure to be ageless in Hollywood. "To each their own—I don't judge it if you do it,” she explained. “But sometimes I wish I could beg the people I know, who I am very near and dear to, to not touch their face."

2. Royal beauty. Princess Diana’s makeup artist Mary Greenwell opened up for the first time ever to Stylist magazine to reveal how that iconic face always looked so beautiful. “Diana was very sensible when it came to her skin,” said Greenwell, elaborating that the princess never went to bed with makeup on and washed, toned, and moisturized her face every morning and night. But where did Princess Diana’s glowing complexion really come from? Greenwell says simple healthy habits. “Diana did everything in moderation,” she explained. “She cut back on drinking so her skin was 100 percent."

3. JLo’s back...side. She’s still got it! Jennifer Lopez dropped jaws with the release of her recently revealed promo shot for her new single appropriately named “Booty.” The cover art showcases the singer’s best asset, her perfectly toned derriere, and even JLo’s talking about it. “#bootyfromtheblock #bootyandthebeat #naturalbooty #bootybootybootybootybootyeverywhere #jlobooty #LOL,” she captioned on Instagram.

4. Waging an inner war. Girls actress Zosia Mamet opened up about her personal struggle with an eating disorder in her column in the September issue of Glamour, writing that she's suffered since childhood: “This struggle has been mostly a private one, a war nobody knew was raging inside me. I tried to fight it alone for a long time. And I nearly died.” The message, though, calls our society to reexamine our obsession with being skinny. "It's no secret that we live in a country with a warped view of beauty,” Mamet wrote. "Let's remind one another that we're beautiful."

5. Not your ordinary mom jeans. Less than five months after having her baby girl, Jessie James Decker is already shimmying in her original size-25 jeans (European sizing, of course). Her secret? “The truth is all you need to do is eat right and exercise a little every day,” the songstress dished to E! News, adding that she shed the pounds without jumping on the juice and diet cleanses bandwagon. To complement her clean eating, James Decker followed a strength-training routine as well as 20 minutes of cardio each day. 


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