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Katharine McPhee Moves on from SMASH


Just because SMASH was canceled doesn't mean Katharine McPhee is slowing down. Living in Los Angeles, the American Idol runner up is finishing her new album (its release date has yet to be announced) and planning her upcoming tour.

During a pit stop in New York, the actress took a short break to chat about her fitness routine, her favorite body part, and the dangers of heels.

SHAPE: When it comes to fashion, you occasionally opt for a sexy, couture look. Which body part are you the proudest showing off?
Katharine McPhee (KM): I'm actually really proud of my broad shoulders. I literally have the same shoulders as my mom, so I tend to like that part of my body. I'm not so much of a cleavage person.

SHAPE: Everyone knows you're a great dancer after starring in Smash. How did you take care of your feet since you constantly danced in heels?
KM: I actually injured my right big toe during the first season of the show. They were really kind and every few weeks had a physical therapist come out during lunch breaks. All the crew would be like "What are you doing, you’re getting a massage?" My biggest thing is I love to get pedicures. I always ask for the extra massage and it's just so great.

SHAPE: How do you think your body has changed from your time in American Idol to now?
KM: It's changed like crazy, but my body is kind of always changing. I'm certainly not one of those people who has a body that's in check all the time because I love to eat, so I go up and down just like any other woman. It drives me crazy that I go up and down, but I feel better when I'm down then when I'm up. The one thing that has changed, I will say, is that SoulCycle has literally changed the shape of my derriere. I actually can be up in my weight and my butt is still higher then it’s ever been. I'm obsessed with SoulCycle for that very reason.

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SHAPE: It's rumored you have some upcoming concert dates set for the fall. How are you preparing for the performances?
KM: I've been in the studio since I wrapped on SMASH. For me, when you're in the studio, your food is a little more lackadaisical. You're not on camera all the time, so I just try to keep up with working out. When I actually get on tour I'll probably be a little more particular with what I'm eating.

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