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Kelly Osbourne Shares Hilarious "RoboCop" Boot Story

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Fashion Police co-host Kelly Osbourne is rocking a new accessory these days! “#StressFractures are the worst! At least I get a cool #RoboCopBoot!” she captioned a recent Instagram of her booted right foot. So what’s the story?

“I actually have a fractured foot,” Osbourne revealed to Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately. “It really f%&*ing hurts to walk!”

She then went on to explain that her broken foot was a casualty of a recent treadmill workout, but it’s not what you think: Osbourne admitted that she was looking at herself in the mirror to pump herself up by thinking about how good she looks, and then rolled right off the machine and hit the mirror behind her.

Don’t let the incident fool you—Osbourne knows a thing or two about nutrition and fitness. The 29-year-old has lost more than 70 pounds since 2009 and is now in her best shape yet, saying in recent interviews, “I'm the most secure and content I've ever been.”

Here's to a speedy recovery! 

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