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Kelly Ripa: 43, Fit, and Fabulous!


While it seems at times that stars have some magic pill to help them score their enviable bodies, the truth is, they have to work out too! Lucky for us, celebs and their trainers have been dishing out their favorite routines this week. Here is our favorite healthy celebrity news from the past few days. What have you been reading about Hollywood? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @Shape_Magazine.

1. Fit and fabulous over 40. Happy belated to Kelly Ripa, who turned 43 yesterday. But you’d never guess it from looking at her! Perhaps her secret lies in her fitness regimen. Her trainer, Anna Kaiser of AKT in Motion, told PopSugar Fitness that while the talk show host loves her dance class, Ripa also keeps things interesting by adding indoor cycling and has even run a 5K on vacation. Check out more female celebrities who have aged gracefully.

2. Vampires work out too. Vampire Diaries returns for its fifth season tonight, and star Nina Dobrev’s trainer Steve Moyer recently dished to PopSugar Fitness how the actress stays slim and fit: He introduces new moves and patterns each time they work together, so squats one day become jump squats the next, and he also incorporates basketball drills. Dobrev’s favorite body part to exercise is her lower abs, he added; she particularly likes doing reverse ball crunches.

3. CBGB beauty. Talk about busy! Malin Akerman has a baby boy to take care of, her show Trophy Wife, and a new movie coming out next week. But clearly she’s making time for the gym too, as she showed off a svelte body at the CBGB premiere this week. She’s eating a sensible diet, and likes to hike and take Pilates and SoulCycle classes, she told E! Online.

4. Our fave new music video. We know Britney Spears has been working out religiously to be in top shape for her upcoming Las Vegas residency, and in her new “Work Bitch” music video, her body proves it! We love her all over again.


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