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Kim Kardashian Wearing a Corset to Skinny Down for Her Upcoming Wedding

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There's no shortage of wedding-day diets and plans that supposedly help you whittle your waist and slim down for the big day, but rumor has it, Kim Kardashian's apparently taking it to the next level: To shed some weight, the reality TV star is reportedly sleeping in a corset at night. 

A source told Grazia magazine, "Wearing a corset at night is extremely uncomfortable, but it has a proven track record of results, and with six weeks to go, Kim is up for anything." 

It sounds drastic, but Kardashian's not the only celeb who's ever admitted to hopping on the corset-wearing bandwagon. In addition to following a healthy diet and drinking a lot of water, Jessica Alba admitted that she wore a corset for three months to get her pre-baby body back after her last pregnancy in 2011. 

The weight-loss secret behind wearing a corset? Supposedly the restricting garment helps you draw in your core muscles while straightening your posture and helps you sweat out toxins. But some experts maintain that any kind of constricting garment (such as Spanx) simply encourages you to eat less since eating a large meal suddenly becomes uncomfortable.

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That doesn't mean all experts endorse the practice, though: "The problem is that when you constrict your waist, your organs have to go somewhere," Sarah Gottfried, an integrative physician and gynecologist told Fox News Wellness. "(Corsets) push your lungs and liver up, and your intestines down. The result is a smaller waist, but organs are out of their natural placement in your body.”

What do you think of the corset trend? What's the craziest thing you've ever done in the name of weight loss? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @Shape_Magazine!


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