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Kim Raver on the New Season of 24 and Her Best Healthy Living Advice

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Whether you know her from Third Watch, Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS: Los Angeles or 24—Kim Raver has played some pretty kick-ass women on TV. We sat down with the fit and gorgeous actress right before she hopped on a plane to London for the premiere of 24: Live Another Day, where she is currently filming the revival of the cult-series that went off the air in 2010. Read the conversation below, and tune in to the premiere of 24: Live Another Day tonight on Fox to see her in action.

Shape: What was it like reuniting with the cast of 24 after four years to film this mini-series?
Kim Raver (KR): It’s such a unique experience. You finish a job and it’s very emotional because you’re working crazy long hours and your work family is like a real family. Especially Kiefer, he’s very much about making the whole community we work with his family. He’s very, very loyal and we built a very close friendship and work relationship. When you say goodbye to all that, and a character you’re so committed to, you think that’s it and you close the door. So then to have the phone call that it’s coming back, I was beyond thrilled. What’s so amazing is usually when you start a new job you have to build all these new relationships, but the first day we were filming in Trafalgar Square, I looked over at Bill Devane, who plays my father, and it was right there. We have such a history together. It’s like we had never left.

Shape: What about your character Audrey? She’s moved on from Jack and is now married to her father’s—the President’s—chief of staff, Mark Boudreau. Are Audrey and Jack over for good?
KR: I’m a total hopeless romantic and I have a real affinity for Jack and Audrey. For me, they’re such a true love, soul mate kind of thing, and maybe that’s why fans have related to them, but I just feel like there’s no way they can’t not be together. That’s what’s so interesting about 24. It’s never simple. That whole complicated she’s-married-but-is-Jack-coming-back thing, that’s what also creates this incredible tension and makes the action sequences even more appealing. There’s definitely an exciting thing between Jack and Audrey. I’ll say it’s not over.

Shape: What does your typical fitness routine look like?
KR: For me, because I’ve been working out since I graduated college, I have to mix it up. But it’s not just working out for health’s sake, it’s also a whole mindset for me. Yoga is really important for that. When I came back to New York and LA, I tried SoulCycle. It’s incredible because it’s mental and spiritual. But now that I’m filming over in London—I know there’s one coming—but they don’t have a SoulCycle. So, that could easily be an excuse to say, "Well can’t work out!" But that doesn’t work for me! I have a dog, he needs to be walked and I love running, so I pull out my running shoes.

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Shape: Are you on top of the latest food trends as well? What's your typical diet?
KR: My overall philosophy is eat well and in moderation. I feel better when I stay away from very carbohydrate-y foods and when I’m eating whole grains—I do really love greeny grainy kinds of things and I love lean proteins, but that’s not to say every once in a while I won’t eat one of those amazing chocolate cakes that you cut into and it melts out—lava cake! If you deprive yourself it makes you feel needy and then it’s all you want to eat and you go overboard. I’ve learned from my French husband and the way they eat, it’s all about moderation. And that’s really sustainable. I know if I slack off on working out then I’ll go, "Oh that bag of whatever looks really good," and head in an unhealthy direction. But when I get those damn running shoes on—or whatever that workout is that I’m doing—I’ll walk back in that door and drinking that liter of water is so easy and biting into an apple is so much easier. For me, I know my overall happiness is much greater, even though it’s harder and takes discipline. Smaller portions, but really yummy food. Life’s too short. I don’t think women talk about how your emotions are very tied into your relationship with food. If you can get in touch with what’s going on with you emotionally you’ll see how you deal with food.

Shape: You’ve teamed up with Colgate to promote Women's Health Week and provide tips to help women live a healthy lifestyle. What made you want to get involved?
KR: I’m a working woman and I’m a working mom and I know that I feel better about myself when I’m in shape—not just for look’s sake—but I actually feel better. We’re such caretakers as women and when you’re working it’s hard to find the time for a healthy lifestyle. I just felt that Colgate Total supporting National Women’s Health Week next week was a great reminder to take out the time to care for ourselves. I loved Colgate Total’s way of combining health with beauty elements.

Shape: What are some of your summer health and beauty tips?
KR: I make sure to use products in my everyday routine that combine health and beauty and are easy to get done. Throw in your bag a moisturizer or a foundation that has an SPF. Colgate Total Advanced Whitening is one of my favorites because oral health is so important to your overall health, and you know you’re going to brush your teeth every day, but you can get a whiter smile at the same time. I think it’s good to have big goals but it’s also important to have sustainable goals we can achieve every day. For me drinking tons of water and throwing in vitamin C is also important. I’ll drink a couple liters a day.


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