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Kristin Armstrong's Top Tips for Outdoor Cycling


Here at SHAPE, we love getting out of the gym and hitting the open road for our workouts during our summer. That's why we were so excited to sit down for a few minutes with cycling champion and Olympic athlete Kristin Armstrong. Armstrong is a three-time world champion and has previously been a long-distance runner, triathlete, and swimmer. Not only that, but she just won her second Olympic gold medal this week at the 2012 London Games. So who better to go to for fitness advice than a woman who's done it all? With the hot weather bearing down on us, we wanted to get her tips on how to maximize your outdoor cycling tips. Here's what she had to say:

1. Make sure your bike fits you. "It sounds obvious, but it's something a lot of people forget about it," Armstrong says.

2. Wear comfortable clothing. Avoid chafing by wearing good quality, comfortable clothing that fits you properly.

3. Take a spin class. Armstrong suggests taking a spin class if you're new to cycling. "It's a great way to get used to the feeling," she says.

4. Bike with a friend. "It's so much more enjoyable to talk with a friend as you guys ride," the veteran cyclist and mother says.

5. Know the rules of the road. This one is so important, Armstrong stresses. "People often don't know the rules, but they're so important to staying safe. As long as you're following the rules of the road, you should be okay." Also, wear a helmet!


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