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Look Sexy While You Sweat


Calling all Jersey Shore fans: You now have an outfit that you can go from G to T to L in. Sammi Giancola just debuted her Sammi Sweetheart Collection for SXE Fitness, an apparel line that’s great for both working out or simply lounging around the house.

The sports bras, camis, tanks, and jackets pair with capris and pants that feature a special butt-lifting design to make your rear look as bootylicious as possible. Everything is made from Supplex, a lighter-than-cotton material that breathes well as it wicks sweat and supposedly hinders the spread of odor-causing bacteria.

Giancola created the line to give women something to feel great exercising in. “The clothing will make people feel confident when working out,” she says. “When you’re at the gym, you’re sweaty and feel uncomfortable, so why not have clothing that can help you feel a little more sexier?”

We sat down with the entrepreneur to learn more about her workout routine.

SHAPE: What’s your fitness routine like?
Sammi Giancola (SG): I do it all: I love to run and I love to do abs and work out my legs and lift weights.

SHAPE: Since you do so much, what would you say is your favorite way to work out?
SG: I like exercises that you don’t even realize you’re exercising, like playing soccer. It’s a game and it’s fun to play with friends. Meanwhile, there’s running involved and there’s a lot of mental exercise as well.

SHAPE: And what’s your least favorite exercise?
SG: I’m not really good at working out my arms. I still do that, but they’re not my best attribute.

SHAPE: Why do you work out?
SG: It’s fun and it’s a stress reliever, a way to let loose of aggression or anything that’s bothering me. I think the overall feeling afterward of accomplishment and that feel-good feeling like you just sweated out all the bad out of your body is what I look forward to.

SHAPE: On days when you lack motivation, how do you push yourself to keep going and finish a workout?
SG: On the treadmill sometimes when I don’t feel like doing it, I think, “Oh, I just did a lap, only three more laps and I’ll complete a mile.” I always try and set a number or some other a goal to accomplish, and that’s how I get through my workouts. I’m like, “’All right, just a couple more laps, you can do this! You can beat yesterday’s time or yesterday’s lap count or whatever.” If you have motivation and dedication and set goals for yourself, it’ll be easier to work out.


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