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Martha Stewart Splurges on Sardines and Eggs

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Recently Martha Stewart has been in the spotlight for more than her business ventures and amazing recipes. Social media antics have been catching up with the 72-year-old business magnate. What was yesterday's random Triscuits tweet about, anyway? And we'll never forget about those infamous Twit pics. Talk about food porn #fail. 

The fun continued when we caught up with her at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival this past weekend in Miami. She totally surprised us with her answer to the question about how she indulges. Cupcakes? Nope. Not even a square of dark chocolate. We found out why she's watching what she eats these days and gathered a few career tips.

Shape: What is your go-to indulgence food?
Martha Stewart (MS): If you came to my house, you would find very little by way of indulgence. It might be a can of sardines. I found some that are supposed to be the best in St. Barths, and so I bought a bunch of cans, but they're like $17 per can. I have one left. That's an indulgence for a while. It also might be pickled herring or hard-boiled eggs. It depends on what I'm in the mood for. But I don't have one kind of thing. It's not like I go wild over chocolate or anything like that.

Shape: Sounds like you eat pretty healthy then?
MS: I just had a body scan, and I learned that while I have really skinny legs and skinny arms, I am a little bit fat in the middle. I was horrified! So my doctor and I went through what I eat, and now I'm paying much more attention to that. I have a really well-stocked pantry. I have a good freezer. I also have a greenhouse where I grow all my own vegetables. I start off the day with a green juice made from my own greens. And I just got something called the Urban Cultivator. It looks like a giant double-door refrigerator and is hooked up to your water system. Within five to seven days, you have microgreens that you can add to salads and juice. And I don't have junk food in my house, ever. If you want to eat something good, you have to make it. 

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Shape: What's your advice to up-and-coming businesswomen who are juggling multiple things at once?
MS: When you're first starting out, you must be very, very organized, and you better be really laser-focused on that business and not do anything else for a while until you get yourself in order. Work with people that you enjoy working with but who are also working equally hard and helping you with your idea. 

Shape: What is it about the South Beach Wine and Food Festival that keeps you coming back year after year?
MS: It's food central to me. Lee Brian Schrager has done an amazing job of rounding up all the food professionals. It gives me a good perspective about what's going on in the world of food.


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