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Mindy Kaling's Makeup-Free Beauty Lesson

Mindy Kaling's Instagram

Beauty comes from the inside out—just ask Mindy Kaling!

The Mindy Project star learned that she could be beautiful and bare-faced after being featured in People magazine’s “Not a Drop of Makeup” feature in their long-awaited Most Beautiful issue. “I still break out sometimes so I was nervous about this,” admitted Kaling on her Instagram.

The actress doesn’t give herself enough credit, though. She knows just what to do to give her skin the TLC it needs: "So I drank water like a maniac and put SPF on religiously for two weeks prior, used eye cream every night, as well as got my brows threaded the day before. So, no zits.”

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And while a blemish-free complexion is a win all in itself, Kaling also had an eye-opening experience that turned into a lifelong beauty lesson. “Then I was like: Wait this is how you should ALWAYS TREAT YOUR SKIN YOU DUMMY,” she joked. “So now I do.”


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