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Miranda Kerr Glams It Up for Reebok


You want your workout gear to be functional, but there's no rule that says it can't also be adorable. Enter the new Reebok Skyscape shoe, which launched this week with an event featuring Aussie Victoria's Secret Angel Miranda Kerr, who showed off her long legs and lean body as the brand's new spokesperson. (Scroll below to see her strip down for Reebok in a sexy shoot—only she could make wearing nothing but tennies look good.)

After leading the guests through a Ballet Beautiful class with ballerina Mary Helen Bowers, Kerr sat down with Shape to reveal her go-to workout, style secrets, and why working with Reebok was so important to her.

Shape: Is Ballet Beautiful the workout you swear by to stay fit and healthy?
Miranda Kerr (MK): Probably that, and I also do a DVD by Al Sears—a 15-minute power workout to get your metabolism going—plus yoga and the rebounder machine. Whether I'm in a car or train or plane, if I'm sitting down, I'll tense the muscles in my stomach and legs so I feel like I'm working. At the same time, you can be listening to an audio book or music and nobody knows! I definitely learned that from all my travel. 

Shape: Who's your fitness inspiration?
MK: Well, Mary Helen [Bowers] is pretty amazing! I mean, she had a baby 10 weeks ago, and she looks amazing; she's already back in shape. I worked out with her before the baby, while she was pregnant, and then after. She's pretty amazing like that, super healthy, and she always works out with a smile. Whenever I'm like, "Ugh, I don't want to work out," she says, "Oh, let's just lie on the mat and do a couple of leg lifts. It'll be fun!" 

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Shape: You mentioned earlier that you love dancing with your son, Flynn. There's obviously a huge conversation around how to raise girls with a healthy self-esteem or eating habits but not a lot of talk about how to do the same for boys. How are you trying to instill those healthy habits in him?
MK: It's so funny because just yesterday I was making the smoothie that I eat every day, and he was like, "Can I help you mummy?" So we put all the ingredients in, and he says, "Mum, this shake is full of antioxidants." How did he know that? For me, it's making sure that he has the right foods and enough one-on-one quality time with him (no phones!). It's important to me and him that we get that bonding time and that he knows he's loved. He has his time to play with his friends and have playdates. Something I love doing with him is drawing or painting and reading books together.

Shape: You recently released a book, Treasure Yourself: Power Thoughts for My Generation. Can you tell us a little more about that?
MK: I've never really marketed it, but it's won awards from the Australian government, and it's part of the high-school curriculum. It's a book for young women about embracing your individuality. 

Shape: You've mentioned before that women supporting other women is something that means a lot to you, which is partly why you got involved with Reebok. Why is that something that's so important to you?
MK: I really like that Reebok is all about fitness and lifting up other women. Everyone's an individual, and whether you're a runner or someone who really loves PIlates or yoga or CrossFit, they have something for you. The Skyscape shoe is great. I love walking—I'd much rather walk than run—and they're fun, fashionable, lightweight. 

Shape: What's your favorite outfit to pair them with?
MK: Jeans, a hat, and sunglasses. 

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Shape: If you had 24 hours to spend on yourself, what would you do?
MK: I'd spend most of it with my son. I'd put in a little workout, get a massage, maybe an infra-red sauna. Then a good, long night of sleep. 

Don't forget to check out the Skyscape shoes here. Inspired by the same seamless technology used in lingerie (seriously!), the shoes are designed to mold directly to your foot and be so comfortable you forget you have them on. And check out the video starring Miranda below, then tell us: Will you try her workout or the Skyscape shoes? Let us know in the comments below or Tweet us @Shape_Magazine!


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