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Misty Copeland's Under Armour Ad Proves She Has the Right Body for Ballet

Under Armour

We've always said that Misty Copeland is one badass athlete, and her debut Under Armour ad—part of the brand's expansive "I Will What I Want" campaign geared toward women—just proves it. 

The ad opens with a voiceover of a young girl reading aloud from a composite of all the rejection letters Copeland's received in her life, telling her she had the wrong feet, the wrong body, and was the wrong age to be a ballerina. 

Copeland has often spoken out about being "different" in the world of ballet and previously told us that her belief in herself never wavered. "Those days that you're feeling down on yourself and your body hurts, it's important to remember that if you don't believe in yourself, no one else will either," she said

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