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Molly Sims Gives Up Gluten, Shailene Woodley Goes Braless, and Gisele Now Raises Chickens

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With all the pressure of the limelight, it’s easy for Hollywood’s leading ladies to fall victim to unhealthy body issues. But these celebs know how to be their best selves, both mentally and physically.

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1. Good-bye, gluten. After being diagnosed with a thyroid condition while pregnant, Molly Sims has cut out gluten “off and on” for four years. “I love being gluten-free,” the supermodel told People. She also shared her recipe for fruit and berry granola cups (the secret ingredient is coconut oil, she says). As for fitness, Sims has previously said, “Celeb workout guru Tracy Anderson whipped me into the best shape of my life.” (Check out the three moves Anderson swears by.)

2. Best support-less actress. Starlet Shailene Woodley is at her best. “I’m in a place where I feel healthier than I’ve ever been, and my body is exactly where it wants to be,” the Fault In Our Stars actress told InStyle. While her slender frame comes from 15 to 45 minutes of yoga a night and intense martial arts training for her role in Divergent, Woodley explains that the best part of her fit figure is really how, let’s say, liberated she feels. “My boobs shrank. No one tells you that when you lose weight. No bra, no problem,” said Woodley.

3. Down-to-earth diets. Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen is still the same Mother Nature-loving girl from her past. Bundchen spoke to Food and Wine about her homemade aloe-lemon drink, dried fruit snacks, and home garden—complete with chickens. “We have very little waste because the chickens eat all of the vegetable scraps, and anything they won't eat, I put in my compost pile with the chicken poo,” said Bundchen. That’s right, the world’s No. 1 supermodel makes compost out of chicken poo.

4. Scaling back. What’s country crooner Miranda Lambert’s swear-by slim-down secret? "The scale is something that can be your worst enemy,” the country singer recently revealed. “I usually just judge by my clothes. I would say don't get caught up on the scale because you can really get focused on that and it can make you in a bad mood really quickly." Lambert lost an incredible 25 pounds last year thanks to cardio, circuit training, fresh-pressed juices, and giving up Cheetos, she told us.

5. Fresh air and fresh fitness. Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley took a break from the gym to get outdoors with her pups saying, “Hike with my girls. #L.A.” Whiteley maintains her long and lean figure with an all-around active lifestyle. “My days off are pretty much spent outdoors,” the vegan foodie previously explained to Vogue Australia. “Just trying something active, like hiking with girl friends or going to the gym. I’m obsessed with yoga.”


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