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Nicole Richie Tries Cupping, Anna Paquin Shares Her Post-Cannes Detox Plan, and How Lindsay Lohan Is Getting Lean and Mean

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There’s just something about the lifestyles of the rich and famous! But forget about shopping sprees and juicy gossip, we’re more interested in sweat sessions and the latest fitness secrets.

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1. No pain, no gain. Ouch! Nicole Richie debuted a black and blue back after giving cupping a try. The Eastern practice suctions the skin with heated glass cups to stimulate blood flow as a way to relieve neck and shoulder pain. Although the practice causes painful, circular bruises, Richie isn’t the first celeb to give it a shot. Other A-listers such as Lena Dunham, Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, and Gwyneth Paltrow have also tried the remedy before.

2. Model behavior. VS angel Karlie Kloss knows the benefits of a morning workout! Kloss sneaked in an early a.m. sweat sesh at Modelfit, sharing a pic of her giving her best one-two punch captioned: “Nothing better than a butt kicking workout before work.” Following her workout, the supermodel cooled off with a healthy, refreshing green drink saying, “#MarcAlary Monkeys + @ButchersDaughternyc Green Juice = a few of my favorite things.” Another one of her favorite things? “I’ve been doing lots of butt lifts,” Kloss previously told Harper’s BAZAAR. “It’s all about toning and feeling strong; that’s what I think is sexy.”

3. JLo’s morning buzz. For Jennifer Lopez, her day starts with a fiber-rich breakfast—but it wasn’t always that way. “I knew the stuff that I was eating wasn’t giving me energy,” Lopez told People at the Montefiore’s Community Health Fair. “So I was ready to try something different.” To kick-start her day, the pop star’s go-to drink is a mix of spinach, rice milk, banana, sunflower butter, and protein powder. “[This smoothie] tastes fresh, and you’re doing something good for yourself,” she adds. “It makes a huge difference.”

4. Post-Cannes detox. “#Ladieswhorawliquidlunch,” tweeted True Blood actress Anna Paquin on her pic of an all-liquid lunch following her trip to France. The meal of sorts, from Venice Beach vegan restaurant Cafe Gratitude, included raw juice shots composed of a variety of ingredients ranging from celery and berries to fermented kelp and blue-green algae. And Paquin’s adventurous in her fitness routine as well. The star regularly mixes it up between Pilates, boogie boarding, boxing, Bar Method, and running.

5. Mean and lean girls. Actress Lindsay Lohan has been giving it her all. “How many reps does it take to get that summer body,” captioned Lohan on an Instagram of her sweating it out in the gym. And talk about motivation! She shared another sweaty selfie saying, "Endorphins gave me another great day #workhardplayhard." Trying to get bikini-ready yourself? Follow these moves for your best summer shape yet.


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