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Olivia Munn Wants You to Vote for SHAPE!


Funny lady Olivia Munn is voting for SHAPE in the Webby Awards! The sexy comedienne appeared on the cover of SHAPE in October to give us her take on fitness, fat jeans, and more (in case you're wondering, her fitness routine involves some pretty hilarious dance moves). The famously funny girl also opened up about a topic close to her heart—breast cancer awareness. Just 12 when her grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Munn says the experience changed her thinking completely when it comes to health.

"I remember thinking it was a death sentence," she told SHAPE exclusively. "But she had a mastectomy and survived—and lived many wonderful years longer. She taught me that we fight to live and feel and love and that you can't let one experience define your life."

Besides working to inform, inspire, and educate about breast cancer, Munn follows a healthy diet and avoids processed foods, saying that if she can't "see it, I don't eat it." Her philosophy works—two years ago, she lost 16 pounds and has managed to keep it all off since.

To learn more about Munn, read up on her favorite things, listen to her hip-hop playlist, or get her answers to our SHAPE sheet here! Follow her on Twitter for updates on her latest movie and TV appearances. And of course, don't forget to vote for SHAPE while you're at it!


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