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Oprah Turns 60 with SoulCycle


This week Hollywood went to some serious new lengths when it came to health and beauty! What news had you buzzing? Tweet us @Shape_Magazine, tag us on @Instagram, or comment below.

1. Sweet, soulful 60. To celebrate the big 6-0, Oprah Winfrey sweat it out at SoulCycle with 55 of her closest friends last Friday. The spin class may be her new favorite thing—best friend Gayle King said she called the experience “a spiritual moment.” Oprah has been open about her fluctuating weight and commitment to staying healthy. Recently she lost 25 pounds in six weeks with trainer Bob Greene and has spoken about her dream to start selling organic produce.

2. Short cut. The sixth star to go short this month, Jessica Alba debuted a new ‘do at the Hollywood Stands Up to Cancer event in L.A. on Tuesday. The Honest Company founder (and dance class enthusiast) posted her new long-to-short, textured crop on her Instagram, saying, “Thnk u @jenatkinhair 4 my killer new #haircut! I ❤ it!” Thinking of going short yourself? Get inspired with these seven celebrity-inspired chopped cuts.

3. Super Bowl shape. In this adorable Vogue Instagram from the magazine’s football-themed photo shoot, Kate Upton imitated New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz’s victory dance. The supermodel has a game plan of her own: In preparation for the 2013 Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue, she enlisted powerhouse trainer David Kirsch to tone those famous curves. “She followed my ABC’s,” Kirsch revealed. “No alcohol, bread, or processed carbs—and no sugar—24/7 with no cheat days.” Get Kirsched like Upton at home!

4. Chill challenge. Jenny from the block knows a thing or two about putting in the hard work—it’s resting that’s difficult. "Mentally, I'm always thinking about it,” Jennifer Lopez told Glamour U.K. “I'm okay looking this way, but at the same time that ambitious, determined girl inside me is like, 'Come on, let's be in the best shape ever and really show everybody.' Then the other side of me thinks, 'Let's just relax on the beach chair.'" As a previous triathlon sprinter, J-Lo loves the Tracy Anderson Method and adheres to a healthy sugar- and salt-free diet, admitting she rarely overeats. 

5. Morning-after shock. Taking rehydration to a new—and frightening—level, Cara Delevingne and new BFF Michelle Rodriguez have been seen out on the town so much as of late that they recuperated with hand-in-hand IV drips. The vitamin drip treatments are a controversial Hollywood trend, reportedly used by Rihanna, Cindy Crawford, Madonna, and Simon Cowell for an extra boost of energy. While medical experts have mixed conclusions about the recovery method, we can’t help but think that an ol- fashioned bottle of water will do.


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