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The Organ Gwyenth Paltrow Wants You to Know About

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Gwyneth Paltrow is at it again. First, she revolutionized the breakup with the mythical "conscious uncoupling" and now, she’s uncovered a "secret organ." In a new Goop post, Fascia: The Secret Organshe describes what fascia is and why it's so important (in a fairly dramatic way). For what it's worth, the description is pretty much spot-on. Fascia is in fact connective tissue that wraps around all of our muscles, and when it adheres to underlying muscle tissue it can lead to knots, pain, soreness, and restriction of muscle movement—which can affect our flexibility and posture.

The good news: Foam rolling ("self-myofascial release") is known to ease all of this secret organ pain—and it's been around for quite some time, so the method is far from "secret." And according to Goop's structural integrative specialist, there's even more benefit than ever to rolling out your muscles! "When we release the tension in our fascia and align ourselves with gravity we take a new stance, and not just in our bodies," the Goop post reads. Take that as you will. But in the meantime, know that foam rolling is incredibly important (seriously, you should be doing it more often). So to break up the adhesions in your fascia (and speed up the recovery process), check out these 8 moves to foam roll your entire body.


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