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Q and A with Banshee Star Odette Annable


You may have seen Odette Annable on Brothers & Sisters or House, but she's recently found a new TV home: Cinemax's hit series Banshee. The lovely leading lady gave us a few minutes to dish about her diet secrets, workout tips, and the beauty products she never leaves home without.

SHAPE: Our readers would love to know what you're doing to stay in such great shape.
Odette Annable (OA): Well, it's a drag to try and get to the gym, so I have to find different ways to entertain myself. Hiking is something that I really, really like to do. It's distracting, you're in nature, and you get a nice workout that way. I would tell everyone to hike as much as they can—you just feel so much better when you get outdoors. I'm also into yoga. One of my New Year's resolutions was to do more yoga, so that's key for me this year.

SHAPE: If we looked on your iPod, what would we find on your workout playlist?
OA: Rihanna is always on my playlist. I think she pumps you up and gets the day going. I also love—and I know this doesn't sound like a workout album—the Lumineers lately and Taylor Swift. Her new album is great.

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SHAPE: You must eat pretty healthy too. What are some of your favorite good-for-you foods?
OA: For me it's all about keeping it organic and healthy, for the most part. I love to infuse anything I can with greens. I also use a supplement called Chloroxygen, which is like drinking eight glasses of water a day.

SHAPE: How about one unhealthy food that you'd never give up? If this were your last meal ever, what would you eat?
OA: Definitely In-N-Out Burger. I can't get over them. It's my favorite.

SHAPE: Are you a beauty nut? What are your must-have products?
OA: I like to keep it pretty easy and simple for the most part. Shu Uemera makes a great eyelash curler, and Elizabeth Arden's eight-hour cream is fantastic. You can slather it all over your face at night or on your lips throughout the day.

SHAPE: What's a red-carpet beauty secret that you swear by to look good in front of the camera?
OA: Being on set all day and going to so many red-carpet events, my hair gets severely damaged. I just took the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy seven-day scalp and hair challenge, and I loved it. Use any of their products for a week, and I promise, you will have great results. My hair just feels alive after I use their products.


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