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Q and A with In Plain Sight Star Rachel Boston


Tennessee-born Rachel Boston grew up climbing trees, riding horses, and playing in the woods. Nowadays, the actress, who plays Detective Abigail Chaffe on the hit USA show In Plain Sight, has traded the mountains of Tennessee for the plains of New Mexico, where the show films. But that doesn't mean she's abandoned a healthy lifestyle. We managed to snag the busy star for a few minutes to pick her brain about healthy eating, working out, and more!

1. What are some healthy foods that are always in your fridge?
I'm living in a hotel right now while working in New Mexico and my little mini-fridge is filled with things that are simple and ready to go, like fruits, nuts, salads, and coconut water.

2. What's the one unhealthy indulgence you won't give up?

3. What are the workouts you can't live without?
I love the simplicity and freedom of running. A pair of shoes, and you are all set to explore new trails. I also found a great dance studio in Santa Fe with Zumba and N.I.A. classes. It's a wonderful community of women and you leave with a giant smile on your face.

4. What's your No. 1 go-to workout move? Conversely, what's the one workout
move or exercise routine you hate?

I grew up hiking and horseback riding in Tennessee, so I love being outside. I will joyfully run 12 miles, but I'm not very good at boot camps. When they start yelling, I start laughing.

5. Everyone has those days when they just don't want to get out of bed. How
do you motivate yourself to get to the gym on those days?

Inspiring music and amazing women help.  I turn on my iPod or call up a friend to see if she wants to meet for a class.

6. What's the best fitness or healthy living advice someone's ever given

My 93-year-old grandma is a beautiful example of healthy living.  She laughs a lot and always says, "Just be yourself!"  She also eats dessert every single day.

7. With your busy schedule, how do you make time for yourself?
I go on walks during lunch breaks and travel with a fold-up yoga mat.  I also love reading by candlelight at night. And I stay grateful for having a busy schedule. I hope to be working and eating dessert at 93 just like my grandma.



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