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Q and A with True Blood Star Lauren Bowles


Missing True Blood since the season ended? You don't have to go without! First, check out the official cookbook, True Blood: Eats, Drinks, and Bites from Bon Temps, and then read on for our Q & A session with Lauren Bowles, who stars as Holly Cleary on the hit show. We heard a rumor that the actress (who's also half-sister to Julia Louis-Dreyfus) loves yoga and organic food, so we called her up to chat a little bit more about her healthy living habits.

SHAPE: We know you're a big fan of yoga. Our readers would love to know what else you do to stay in such great shape!
Lauren Bowles (LB): I love taking fitness classes! I go to an Equinox here in L.A., and I'm a total class whore: Whether it's body-conditioning classes, ViPR, Pilates, treadmill classes, whatever, I'll take it.

SHAPE: How about your diet? Do you follow a special eating plan?
LB: Five years ago, I tried the Alejandro Junger cleanse, and it changed my life. I also read The China Study, which has a had a huge impact on me. I'm not completely vegan—my diet's probably about 80 percent plant based, but I do eat some meat. I try to know where eveything comes from, though. And all bets are off if my husband and I go to a really great restaurant. There's also this great farm-to-table delivery system in L.A. that I love called Paleta. It's completely organic, and you can get anything delivered.

SHAPE: What about your guilty pleasures? Do you have any indulgences that you won't give up?
LB: I love to bake! I have a huge sweet tooth, and I love to make things like zucchini muffins, you know, anything decadent like that. And I stand by the claim that chocolate can be good for you! I love having a good piece of dark chocolate, one that's 70 percent or more cacao.

SHAPE: You have a young daughter. How have your eating habits influenced her? Does she ever fight you on eating healthy foods?
LB: She has a shockingly refined palate for a three-year-old girl! People often say to me that they can't believe what she eats. But my husband and I made all of her baby food ourselves, and it's all she knows. I mean, we're not those parents who are like, "Ahh!" and freak out if she has an Oreo. If she goes somewhere and has some junk food, it's fine. But we've managed to lay down a healthy foundation for her.

SHAPE: What's the best healthy living advice you've ever received?
LB: Awareness is the key to everything. I think it's important to be aware of how you feel. How do you feel after you exercise? How do you feel after you eat something? I try to be mindful of the food I'm putting in my body, the products I use, and what I put in or on my body.



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