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#royalbaby Buzz: The Best Tweets About the Birth of Kate Middleton’s Boy


It’s official: The royal baby is a boy! Kate Middleton gave birth to an 8-pound, 6-ounce fella at 4:24 p.m. London time, CNN reported.

As if everyone wasn’t already talking and speculating about Kate and Prince William’s bundle of joy, now you can’t blink without a new article, tweet, or Facebook update popping up on your phone. We rounded up our favorite tweets to celebrate the big birth. Check them out, then share your thoughts with us on Twitter @Shape_Magazine or on Facebook.

Prince William's statement: "We could not be happier." #RoyalBaby @britishroyals

Dear William & Kate: If William is 100% royal and Princess Kate is 0% royal, will that make your son a half-blood prince? #RoyalBaby @_Snape_

A Royal Day. #RoyalBaby PEANUTS ‏@Snoopy

The Ultimate Baby Showdown: Blue Ivy Vs. The Royal Baby @BuzzFeed

This is Britain's chance to outshine the USA by not naming the royal baby after a fruit, plant, or direction. @kelkulus

Fun Fact: the only music allowed in Kate Middleton's delivery room is a continuous loop of the "Downton Abbey" theme #RoyalBaby @ditzkoff

Congrats 2 #RoyalFamily!I thought boy by the way she carried!Princess Diana is watching from above,smiling down I bet!beautiful moment @debimazar

And the tweets will only keep coming, since:

It’s a boy. A future king. No name. William’s name wasn’t announced for a week, Charles’s for a month. #itsaboy @billneelyitv


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