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Samantha Harris Wants You to Vote for SHAPE!


Seasoned entertainment journalist and two-time Emmy-nominated television personality Samantha Harris is voting for SHAPE in the Webby Awards! Best known for hosting seasons two through eight of Dancing with the Stars, you can now see her as a host on the No. 1 entertainment news program, Entertainment Tonight

As a busy working mother of two, Harris is a true representation of the SHAPE reader. Although Harris goes nonstop in a million different directions, she never forgets to take care of her health—click here to find out her go-to stay-fit secrets that keep her and her family feeling great. That's why we appreciate her support so much in the 2012 Webby Awards. We want to reach Harris and women like her—the mother of two, the busy woman trying to balance it all, the woman trying to run her first marathon—and knowing we have Harris cheering us on  (hey, sometimes even we need a boost!) encourages us to keep working as hard as we can to provide our readers with the most accurate, up-to-date news in all things health and fitness related.

To see Harris reporting on the latest and greatest in entertainment news, catch up with her on ET or follow her on Twitter. And don't forget to vote for SHAPE!


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