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Serena Williams on Top of Her Game in U.S. Open


Serena Williams is on fire this year in the U.S. Open tournament, and it's not just because she has 13 Grand Slam titles to her name or that she's one of eight women left in the tournament. She's also recovering from a slew of health problems: Last year, she missed the tournament after stepping on broken glass in Germany. Then she had two foot surgeries, blood clots in her lungs and surgery for a hematoma in her stomach before returning to play tennis this June.

There's no doubt about it: The woman is a machine, and we love it! Whether it's her workout, or the way she manages to rock anything she's wearing on or off the court (anybody remember that hot pink bodysuit?), or her confidence and charming personality, we just can't get enough of Serena Williams (though her sister Venus is pretty cool, too!).

Despite her injuries, multiple media reports allege that Williams is playing better than ever. With three more matches to go, we're excited to see her finish strong in the U.S. Open and will definitely be watching the finals! We're rooting for you, Serena!


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