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SHAPE Cover Girl Oprah Winfrey Then and Now


In honor of SHAPE's 30th birthday, we're taking a look at our favorite cover models! Top of the list right now? Oprah Winfrey!  How could we not love her? It's been awesome to see her journey from a high-school radio disc jockey to an evening news co-anchor to the queen of daytime television, to having her own TV network! On the way, she's focused on literature, encouraged people to vote and probably most significantly, been brutally honest about her own struggles with weight and health.

Winfrey makes it no secret that her weight's always fluctuated up and down. She's said that she was at her heaviest at 238 pounds in 1992, and when she appeared on SHAPE's cover in December of 1996, she talked about how much she hated exercise.

Still, through hard work, diet and exercise, Winfrey got down to a svelte 160 pounds. And then life and hypothyroidism kicked in, she gained 40 pounds, and in 2009, she appeared on the cover of O, The Oprah Magazine, asking herself, "How did I let this happen?"

What we love most of all is Winfrey's honesty and ability to admit she's only human. Even when she stumbles, she doesn't let it bring her down for too long. And we'll admit it: We're a tiny bit relieved to know that even Oprah Winfrey hits a weight-loss roadblock once in a while. Nothing in life always goes as planned, and Winfrey is a great reminder of that. We hope she'll be around to inspire people to be healthy and fit for a long time!



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