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The Superfood Eva Longoria Can't Live Without


When Eva Longoria heard about Pepsi Next, the newest version of Pepsi that promises the "same cola taste with 60 percent less sugar", she had to be involved, she said. The Desperate Housewives star recently cut all sugar out of her diet, saying that sugar is one of her "vices." "If I can still drink soda with less sugar, I'm going to do it," she told exclusively. The star may have a sweet tooth (and who doesn't have at least one unhealthy vice?), but there is one healthy food she can't get enough of: kale.

"I'm a kale freak right now," she says. "I drink kale shakes, I make kale chips, I eat sautéed kale for dinner. I'm eating kale all the time."

If you are as kale obsessed as Longoria is, read on for some of our favorite recipes using the leafy green superfood. They're sure to please! 

1. Baked onions stuffed with kale and wild rice. These fancy appetizers only look hard to make, but they're super easy to throw together. Bonus: One serving of this baked onion recipe contains a full daily dose of vitamins C and A. 

2. Whole-grain penne with broccoli and kale. Simple, but so satisfying. This healthy pasta recipe infuses whole-grain penne and iron-rich vegetables kale and broccoli with green tea for an extra kick of flavor and antioxidants. 

3. Honeycomb-glazed pork with kale and onions. Protein-rich lean pork and kale combine to make an easy, filling, healthy dinner.  



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