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Swimmer Rebecca Soni's Favorite Healthy Breakfasts


At SHAPE, we're big fans of breakfast. Numerous studies show that having a healthy breakfast every morning can help boost weight loss. Enjoying a hearty breakfast also helps refuel your body and brain after a long night of sleep. As one of Kellogg's elite athletes, Olympic swimmer Rebecca Soni is happy to emphasize the importance of a healthy breakfast as well.

"Kellogg’s cereals have been at the start of my day since I was a kid and now even as I grow older, breakfast is the most important meal of my day,” Soni says.

In fact, the three-time Olympic medalist loves breakfast so much she has two every day.

"I train all through the day," the champion swimmer says. "So before I go swimming in the morning, I'll have something such as a bowl of cereal, like Special K or Raisin Bran, and I'll chop up some fruit to go with it, and after I'm finished, I'll have eggs and toast, or something similar."

Since most of us aren't Olympians in training (besides swimming, Soni practices yoga, does Pilates and goes to Spinning classes),  we'd recommend foregoing the second breakfast and just stick with a mid-morning snack. Instead, steal a couple of Soni's other healthy habits, like cooking as much of your own food as you can, or drinking a lot of water. "The best advice someone ever gave me was to hydrate," Soni says. "It's so important for your health and weight."

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