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Taylor Swift Makes Ankle Weights Look Cool

Sarah Bailey Photography

We already knew Taylor Swift's post-gym hair game was on point, but these new photos prove that the superstar looks just as picture-perfect while actively runningLast Sunday, the 1989 singer was jogging in a Nashville park when she came across a young girl having her portrait taken. Swift stopped and posed for a few photos with her young fan, and her sweet move was caught by a professional photographer. With the fall foliage as a perfect backdrop, these pics definitely beat blurry iPhone selfies!

What we also have to point out: the ankle weights we spy on Swift's feet! Swift has been relatively tight-lipped about her fitness routine, but has always 'fessed up to loving long runs. Maybe the added weight is her secret to those toned legs and her amazing stamina on-stage? 

Either way, we're loving her entire ensemble—and she brings a whole new element of cool to an outdated weight routine. Plus, she's decked out in running attire that we would actually wear—an old college sweatshirt, Nike tights, and Nike shoes. (If you need to upgrade your running gear for the colder weather, check out these seven must-have fall running accessories.)

But of course, there's one major difference between her mid-run look and ours: She's wearing a beautiful berry lip color (how does that not smear all over her face?) and her tousled shoulder-length hair is down and—yet again—perfectly in place. So even though Swift is gracing us with a little bit of humanity, this once again proves that stars aren't totally "just like us."


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