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Taylor Swift's 3 Big Announcements

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After Taylor Swift teased to Jimmy Fallon last week on the Tonight Show that she would be hosting a Yahoo! live stream and sharing one—or possibly multiple announcements—we had a feeling a new album would be in our future. Well, now that the cat's out of the bag we can finally sleep easy.

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In case you were otherwise occupied, she just revealed a new song, a new album, and a new music video.

Of her new song, "Shake It Off," Swift says she was inspired by the idea that "people can say whatever they want about us at any time and we cannot control that. The only thing we can control is our reaction to it. You can either let it get to you, change you, make you bitter, descend into insanity—or just shake it off!" Our favorite line from the song? "I go on too many dates, but I can't make them stay. At least that's what people say." Can't accuse her of not being self-aware!

The second surprise? She has been working on a new album, which she calls her favorite and the most "sonically cohesive" for the past two years—"the perfect amount of time to change." (Change friends, boyfriends, you fill in the blank.) The album, her first officially documented "pop" album, was inspired by late 80s pop and entitled "1989," after the year she was born. The record is all about the "limitless potential," of the 80s. And guess what? You can pre-buy the album right now at But if you wait til October 27 to purchase in stores, you'll get 13 polaroid photos (you know, after her favorite number).

She also included some other news about the album, including the fact that she will be sharing three tracks that are voice memos from her phone, so fans can see the progression of a song from an idea to a fully finished product. Lastly, we found out about, and then got to watch, Swift's new music video, inspired by a metaphor she had been thinking about: "Life itself and who people actually are can be greatly reflected in how they dance. I really think that. And I don't mean how good you are, I mean your willingness to dance." So many meanings and metaphors!

Oh, and there's something called the "1989 Swiftstakes" (you can't make this stuff up) where Swift will be giving away a total of 1,989 prizes, including 1,000 concert tickets and 500 meet and greets. So, basically this was the best day ever for TSwift fans. And if you're not a fan, well, you probably have a lot more ammo now. Here, the "Shake It Off" music video for your viewing pleasure.


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