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TLC Is Back—You Could Win a Fitness Class With Chilli

Calvin Evans Photography

Big news for '90s fans: girl band TLC recently announced a Kickstarter campaign to release their fifth and last (tear!) album. Pledges start at just $5, but those that pledge higher amounts are in for some fun treats, like VIP concert tickets, a custom voicemail greeting recorded by T-Boz and Chilli, authentic wardrobe pieces worn by TLC in their classic videos, and an invite to a listening party of the new album. Katy Perry even donated $5000 to the campaign (and won a sleepover with T-Boz)! Our favorite prize? A spot at an in-person fitness class taught by Chilli! Chilli talked exclusively to Shape about her fitness routine and TLC's new campaign.

Shape: What are your favorite workouts?
Chilli: Dancing! I’m not a runner. My favorite workouts are the T25 and 21 Day Fix workouts from Beachbody. The T25 doesn’t go past 25 minutes, but I’m telling you, you are sweating, you feel like you’ve worked out for an hour, it’s really good. The 21 Day Fix comes with little containers for your food so you can have the right proportions. You can’t just work out and not eat right. They go hand and hand. I discovered these workouts on an infomercial, bought the DVDs and absolutely loved them. Now I’m officially part of the Beachbody family and I have my own website with them.

Shape: How did you get the idea to offer a fitness class as one of the rewards for your Kickstarter campaign?
Chilli: I’ve always shared my workout routines with my fans on Twitter. They constantly ask me about my favorite workouts and how I stay in shape, and I like to share that with them. Some of my fans have asked me if they could work out with me, so I felt like Kickstarter would be the perfect opportunity!

Shape: What will the workout be like?
Chilli: It'll last about an hour. I'll rent out a private facility and we’ll take photos and videos of the session, so the fans will have something they can take back with them. My goal is to get people started on a really good routine and talk to them about the importance of certain foods. I'll go through the Beachbody workout routines with them and decide which routine suits them the most, the T25 or the 21 Day Fix.

The workout will include some of my signature moves, including the “Chilli Bounce.” I developed this move during my frequent travels and I do it when I’m staying at hotels. It’s similar to a squat—you just bounce around lightly so as not to impact your knees, and it’s great for your butt and lower body. I’ll do it when I’m singing to No Scrubs.

Shape: How often do you work out?
Chilli: I work out almost every day—four days would be slacking for me. Of course, you need at least a day off because your body needs to recuperate. I like to switch up my routines—your body gets bored if you do the same thing every day. So one week I’ll do the T25 workout, and the next week I’ll do the 21 Day Fix. I also do a combination of cardio and weights, and I do abs everyday. I usually don’t work out past 30 or 40 minutes a day.

Shape: What to you think is the best TLC song to sweat to?
Chilli: Probably Silly Ho. The beat is so dope and it’s up-tempo and fun.


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