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Total Knockout: One-on-One with Miesha Tate

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Don't get in Miesha Tate's way: After wrestling on the boys' team in high school, she went on to excel as a professional mixed martial artist (MMA), boasting an impressive 13–4 record. The 27-year-old now competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (the sport's premier league), and this past fall, she coached a team of MMA athletes on the reality show The Ultimate FighterWant a winning body? Follow these tips from Tate.

1. Learn a martial art. "You won't just get sculpted; you'll pick up valuable self-defense skills as well," says Tate. "A lot of the moves, from jujitsu in particular, were designed to enable weaker people to use leverage to protect themselves against an attacker."

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2. Fuel the fire. Tate powers through her morning strength-training session and evening technique drills by downing a spoonful of coconut oil twice a day. "It's packed with healthy fats and energizes me for my workouts," she says.

3. Get a leg up. To stop speedy fighters in their tracks, Tate relies on balance and lower-body strength. She boosts both at once by including the push kick (see below) in her workouts. Plus, read on to learn about a UFC DVD set that can help you train like a martial arts fighter at home.

Push Kick
Do these steps in one fluid motion, as if you were striking an opponent.


1. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, right foot slightly behind left and turned out 45 degrees. Hold hands in fists under chin. Shift weight to left foot as you raise right knee to hip height in front of you [shown].

 2. Immediately extend right leg straight out in front of you [shown], pushing right foot forward from hip. Step right foot back to starting position and repeat. Do 10 reps, then repeat on opposite side to complete set. Do 3 sets.


Give MMA moves a go with the new UFC Fit 12-DVD set ($120; Mike Dolce, the designer of UFC Fit, wanted to create a dynamic, exciting training regimen worthy of a championship contender but accessible to anyone willing to take on the challenge. That’s where UFC Fit was born. “I believed it should be more universal, more inclusive of every person, and that’s really how UFC Fit began to manifest: a training program for everybody," says Dolce.

UFC Fit comes with 12 at-home training DVDs inspired by Dolce's work with the MMA’s top athletes, and the program aims to help you carve out a incredible fighter’s frame in 12 weeks. UFC Fit comes equipped with three nutrition templates that are flexible to your lifestyle, a 12-week workout tracker, and a lifestyle and nutrition manual. After just 90 days Dolce says, “you’d be in shape to compete for five 5-minute rounds. Conditioning-wise, strength-wise and health-wise, you could do it.” Similar to an actual MMA match, workouts feature up to five exercises for five rounds or 3-4 exercises for eight rounds, weaving in martial arts techniques with calisthenics and dumbbell work.


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