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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Round-Up


Although the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show took place earlier this month, it'll premiere on CBS tonight. In honor of the special, we thought we'd take a look at how our favorite VS models got in shape for this year's show. Steal their workout secrets here! 

1. Candice Swanepoel. To strengthen her core and get the balance needed to strut down a runway, Swanepoel did this five-move routine and worked with personal trainer Justin Gelband. 

2. Adriana Lima. Lima had people talking when she revealed the extreme liquid diet and workout plan she undergoes every year to get in runway-ready shape for the annual show. While she said she doesn't regret anything, and that the show is the highlight of her year, she definitely had people wondering whether what she was doing is healthy or not. 

3. Lindsay Ellingson. Watch this video to see Ellingson perform the moves she swears by to keep her legs long and lean. 

4. Miranda Kerr. The Australian model wore the coveted Fantasy Treasure Bra, estimated to be worth $2.5 million. Kerr, who just had a baby, also works with Justin Gelband to get in top shape. One of her favorite post-workout meals? An egg-white omelette with spinach and turkey. 


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