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Victoria’s Secret's Sport Bra Makes Support Sexy

Victoria's Secret

Holding your girls in during a workout has never been so sexy with Victoria's Secret Sport. The line features performance gear in a variety of fashions plus a padded sports bra. We caught up with model Lindsay Ellingson to find out more about her personal fitness routine and why she can't get enough from VS Sport. 

SHAPE: You were a dancer growing up. Do you still dance?
Lindsay Ellingson (LE): Dancing has always been a passion of mine. I was a dancer for 10 years, training in ballet, jazz, and hip-hop, and I competed nationally on dance teams. I still take classes while I’m in the city. I especially love hip-hop because it’s so much fun and a great workout.

SHAPE: What’s the number-one misconception about models and VS Angels?
LE: I think the number-one misconception is that we are unapproachable or snobby. I love meeting new people and especially fans, it’s my favorite part of this job. I relate well to young girls and hope to make a positive impact on their lives. For Angels specifically, people always ask me if we get to keep our wings. Unfortunately, no, I wish I had a pair at home!

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SHAPE: Have you ever been insecure about your body?
LE: As a young girl, I was always embarrassed of my long, skinny legs, as I was a full head taller than the rest of the kids. Now I love it! So I say to any girls out there who feel the same: Trust me, you will eventually embrace your height and love standing out in a crowd.

SHAPE: What’s the worst runway mishap you’ve had?
LE: During runway season there’s always a designer who wants to bleach eyebrows! It takes months to get my color back to normal and doesn’t translate well from the runway. My worst wardrobe malfunction, though, was during the 2012 VS Fashion Show. I was in a skin-tight red leather body suit, and I reached down to grab my phone to text my sister that she show was about to start. Well, the butt of my outfit completely ripped. That will teach me to text in leather pants.

SHAPE: Do you feel pressure to look perfect when you hit the gym since we’re so used to seeing you in ads?
LE: I was recently spotted after a SoulCycle class. At first I was embarrassed by my red face and wet hair—I definitely don’t look the same after a workout. But I’ve learned it’s best to just let go and not care what people think. During workouts I prefer not to wear makeup, but sometimes I’ll throw on some waterproof mascara. I love lashes!

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SHAPE: With the new Victoria's Secret Sport padded bras, exercise is so much easier. Do you have any funny fitness memories of wearing the wrong bra during a workout?
LE: I’ve been on vacation and forgot to bring a sports bra. Yoga is just not the same when you’re worried about falling out and exposing yourself!

SHAPE: Would you rather rock lacy lingerie all day or Victoria's Secret Sport?
LE: As much as I love my lacy lingerie at night, I would rather wear Victoria's Secret Sport during the day, it’s much more comfortable.

SHAPE: Do you have a favorite pre-and post-workout snack?
LE: Almond butter and jelly on whole wheat is my favorite snack before or after a workout. I also love fresh banana and peanut butter shakes, they’re so delicious!

For more from Lindsay, plus a sneak peek at the Victoria's Secret Sport line, watch the video below!



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