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What You Can Learn from Serena Williams About Competing Against Friends

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It’s tough to compete against friends—especially when your competition is broadcast to the entire world. But last night, Serena Williams celebrated a U.S. Open final win against bestie Caroline Wozniacki, making this her 18th Grand Slam title. And while the win from the No. 1 female player in the world isn't so surprising, William's post-game (and incredibly sportsmanlike!) actions are what have us hooked.

After sweating it out in the end-of-summer heat, Williams and Wozniaki met up for a night out in New York City, celebrating their successes. In an interview after the match, Wozniacki joked to Williams, saying, “You’re an unbelievable friend—and you definitely owe drinks later." Last night, Williams took to Instagram to showcase the two enjoying that well-deserved evening.

Leading up to the match, Williams gushed to the New York Times, "It feels good just to have that relationship with someone else where you can give 100 percent on the court, and at the end of the day, we’re still friends.”

While we love seeing these ladies battle it out on the court, it's the way they act off the court that really shows what great competitors they are. Take this lesson from them: There may be tension if you're training for a 5K and your best friend is always a few seconds faster, but when you leave the gym or the training run ends, leave that tension behind and focus on what’s important. It certainly seems to be working for these two.

Congratulations to both of these amazing women for an unbelievable run in this year's tournament. What did you think of the finals? Do you compete with your friends on a regular basis? Sound off in the comments below or tweet us @Shape_Magazine.


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