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Whitney Cummings Deciphers Tinder Profile Pics


Comedian Whitney Cummings appeared on Conan this week to chat about one of her favorite apps—Tinder. First, she cleared things up for the slightly confused host about how exactly the dating app works. "It's JUST off the photograph??" he asked Cummings. Yes, indeed. You decide 'yes' or 'no' on someone based solely on their appearance, she explained. "It's like OkCupid but for sociopaths," she said. [Tweet this!] 

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She then offered up a helpful analysis of the most common types of Tinder photos she sees. The reoccuring photo of the guy sitting in his car with a seatbelt on? "To me, all that says is your wife is in the house and this is all the time you have to take your photo. What is the rush? They're so sketchy," she joked.

And those shirtless pics aren't fooling anyone. "If you show a photo of how diesel and ripped you are, all that does is tell me you're unemployed," she concludes.

It's all fun and games, but if you're looking for serious virtual dating tips, here's some advice straight from guys themselves (and yes, that includes what he thinks about your photos).


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