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Why We're Obsessed with Surfer Kiana Fores


Kiana Fores is surely gorgeous, but behind the pretty face of this O'Neill team rider is an active life, healthy eating habits, and a great passion for surfing and exploring her home island of Kauai, HI. She sat down with SHAPE in Costa Rica as part of a Contiki Tours trip, and we learned she's one of the most talented, mature 18-year-olds out there. Let us count the reasons why.

1. She can surf like a pro. "I've been surfing for 10 years," she says. "My dad took me when I was 10 months old, and he would hold me up with his teeth by biting my suit. I really got into it when I was eight. Surfing is the lifestyle on Kauai, and it became my passion." Her parents also picked her name out of a surfing magazine before she was born—it was destiny.

2. She's a smoothie queen. This all-around healthy girl eats a lot of raw fish, salad, and veggies, and her favorite breakfast is green tea, Greek yogurt, granola, and a little agave with bananas or other fruit. She tries to stay away from gluten or dairy, although she'll have those occasionally. And her favorite go-to is an indulgent smoothie made out of banana, almond milk, peanut butter, and yogurt.

3. She's way more digitally savvy than you. She makes her own surfing videos and her Instagram looks like pages out of a magazine.

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4. She's one of those "effortlessly chic" people. Naturally she's usually found wearing cute O'Neill attire, but it really doesn't matter what she's in, she always looks chic—even when she wears her hair in a tita bun on the top of her head, which she'll do from time to time to let out a bit of her quirkiness. "I feel like I fit with O'Neill since I'm really free-spirited. I love their 365 workout line because it stays on and you can use it for anything in or out of the water like hiking, yoga, and running," she says.

5. She drinks H2O like a fish. We're talking water all day, every day. "I notice it in my skin if I don't get enough water," she says, adding that she can't wear lotion while surfing or she'll slip off her board.

6. She lives to move. "I don't have a set fitness routine, but I'm always doing something. I can't sit still. I'll swim, hike, bike, kickbox…and jump off of things. I also really like running the beach. When you run in the sand, you're working totally different muscles," she says.

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7. She says things like, "That just broke my mouth." I.e. "That was so delicious!" 

8. She's all-natural. "I don't really wear makeup, but when I do I'm definitely a Clinique fan," she says. She uses just a tinted moisturizer with SPF and Estée Lauder's Sumptuous Extreme Mascara. And that's about it.

9. She's committed to her passion. She gets up at 5:50 a.m. during the school year to surf by herself. "I surf every day. In the summer I surf two to three times a day for an hour or two. In high school, I'd surf before and after school," she says. "I love the ocean. It's a part of me. It's who I am. That feeling—you want more every time you go out. You just want to catch another wave. I always want a better wave and to surf it better."


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