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Would Elizabeth Banks Survive the Hunger Games?

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From her cringe-worthy role in The 40-Year-Old Virgin to her turns producing and starring in Pitch Perfect, it's hard not to love funny woman Elizabeth Banks. This year is proving to be a milestone for the actress, making her directorial debut with Pitch Perfect 2 and reprising her role as Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. Whether on camera or behind it, she always looks gorgeous and fit. We found out what keeps her in tribute-worthy shape and if she'd be able to compete with Katniss.

Shape: What are you looking forward to most in directing Pitch Perfect 2?
Elizabeth Banks (EB): I've been with the film from inception, so this time around it's about taking on more responsibility, and bringing joyfulness, humor, and empowerment to the second installment.

Shape: Will you join in the acapella?
EB: That remains to be seen. It would be very bad singing if so!

Shape: What's your favorite workout?
EB: Hiking is my baseline. It works all the major muscle groups in my legs, and since I live in L.A. near canyons and hills, hiking is so easy to do. One of the big problems with exercise is that you have to get in the car, drive somewhere, find a class. I like to make working out as easy and doable as possible so I can just check it off my list. In general, resistance training works really well for me. I also work out with my trainer, Joselynn Boschen, on the TRX system at her gym, which I love. It really kicks your workout up a notch.

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Shape: What's the best way to tone up quickly for a role?
EB: Exercise is great, but to get in shape quickly diet is the main thing—everything in moderation. I don’t avoid anything, and there’s really no secret: Eat real foods as much as possible, and make sure you’re eating lots of fruits and veggies. At the grocery store, I buy more bananas than chocolate. 

Shape: Do you think you'd be tough enough to survive as a tribute?
EB: I would have to use mental tricks and form alliances. I wouldn't rely on my physical strength alone!

Shape: Have you picked up any beauty secrets from Effie's elaborate look? 
EB: I don't know about tips, but the good thing about it is that since Effie wears a wig, I don’t have to fry my real hair, so I appreciate that. Healthy hair is important!

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