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3 Best Apps for Eating Healthy on the Go


Anyone following a special diet knows how tricky it can be to find food on the go when hunger strikes, whether you're traveling to a new city or running an errand in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Fortunately there are free apps out there to help you locate healthy options, stat. Download these three today to ensure you'll never again feel famished or find yourself reaching for the closest candy bar next time you get the munchies away from home.

Food Tripping
Car trips shouldn't mean your options are limited to greasy fast food. Food Tripping, a GPS-based app, focuses on finding local, sustainable food at spots that are convenient to swing by while you're on the road. With a growing database of quick eateries, healthy food markets, farmers' markets, juice bars, organic coffee shops, and more, the app allows you to easily locate a healthy and "green" snack or meal to keep you energized. Save your favorites so you can always remember where you found that amazing kale smoothie. Bonus: Avid environmentalist and Entourage cutie Adrian Grenier is a co-founder of SHFT, the eco-friendly brand that co-created the app with Ford.
Price: Free
Available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play

Whether you're looking for a room for the night or a cafe to grab an organic cup of joe, this app stores your dietary and lifestyle preferences to locate nearby restaurants—plus shops and hotels—that cater to your needs. Simply press the "See Goodness Nearby" button and the app pulls up a list of eco-friendly retailers in the area that offer the specific foods or products you're looking for: organic, vegetarian, gluten-free, locavore, raw, or paleo. The original idea for this genius app came from two musicians who wanted to make it easier for bands to tour more sustainably. It's available in New York City and Austin and expanding to more cities next year.
Price: Free
Available in the iTunes App Store

Clean Plates
Clean eating is no problem with this app that lets you browse nearby restaurants and filter options by cuisine, price, or diet (gluten-free, vegan, raw, and more). Each result is rated according to Clean Plates' strict review criteria, such as hormone-free and grass-fed meat, local ingredients, organic produce, gluten-free options, and naturally sweetened desserts. Plus the restaurant receives a rating ranging of "Clean Plates Seal" (the highest rating), "Clean" (mostly healthy options), or "Good" (some healthy options, but order carefully), so you'll know exactly what to expect when you go. Available in New York City, Los Angeles, and Austin, it will expand to cover more cities soon.
Price: Free
Available in the iTunes App Store


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