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3-Ingredient Tea Cocktail


I recently had the opportunity to taste a variety of Noval Black Port cocktails by James Beard Award winner for Outstanding Bar Program Jim Meehan, better known as the mixologist at New York speakeasy PDT. And boy, were they good. All of the drinks were fresh and full of flavor, but there was one recipe that I knew I had to share with Fit Foodies the second I tasted it. Made with oolong tea, bourbon, and port, this drink is an unexpected but well-balanced blend of flavors, bonus points for requiring just three ingredients! I recommend whipping up one of these for a cozy night at home.

Third Wheel
150 calories, 5g sugar, 5g carbs

2 ounces Noval Black Port
2 ounce brewed oolong tea (room temperature)
1 ounce Angel’s Envy Bourbon

Build over ice in a wine glass Garnish with a mint sprig

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