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America’s Favorite Pies


Being armed with as much information as possible helps me stay on track during the holidays so I can indulge (and I do) the smart way! My favorite pies are pumpkin, typically your best bet, and pecan, which really has no redeeming qualities, nutritionally speaking. Did I mention I add chocolate chunks and a dollop of whipped cream to my pecan pie? Knowing this I take a hearty slice of pumpkin and stick to a small sliver of pecan so I can get the best of both worlds. Sure it’s a lot of calories but once a year—and a few leftover slices over the week to come won’t do me in.

Chances are you don’t have the same favorite pies as I do so I did a little research, tracked down America’s favorite pies thanks to a national survey conducted by Schwan's Consumer Brands North America (the makers of Mrs. Smith's) and crunched the numbers. Hopefully this will help you navigate the dessert table with confidence and ease.

America’s Favorite Pies:

47%—Apple pie: 411 calories, 19g fat



37%—Pumpkin Pie: 316 calories, 14g fat



32%—Chocolate Crème pie: 380 calories, 18g fat



27%—Cherry pie: 490 calories, 20g fat



25%—Apple pie with crumb top: 460 calories, 25g fat



24%—Pecan Pie: 503 calories, 27g fat



21%—Blueberry pie: 360 calories, 17g fat



*Nutritional information based on 1/8th of a 9” pie. 
Now that you know how your favorite pie stacks up check out this handy Thanksgiving pie infographic I created. It shows you exactly what a 200 calorie slice looks like. Seriously, I want to take all the guess work out so you can enjoy the day worry free. Happy Thanksgiving!


As an editor at SHAPE I have the chance to learn about the healthiest ways to cook, eat, and live from all sorts of experts but I’m also a single girl living in NYC with a busy schedule, active social life, and chocolate cravings. I’m here to share what works for me—and where I need a little help from you.


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