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Candice Kumai's DIY Bloody Mary Bar


The perfect way to entertain this spring and satisfy your brunch guests without too much hassle? A DIY (that’s “do-it-yourself”) Bloody Mary bar! Set it up, turn on some music, and let your guests mingle, mix, and help themselves.

Here's my recipe for a delicious (and healthy, thanks to the tomatoes!) Bloody Mary mix. It makes one large pitcher, so make a couple in advance, then set up the bar, sit back, and enjoy! Cheers!

Candice's Perfect Bloody Mary

Serves: 4 to 6

3 cups tomato juice, preferably low-sodium
1/4 cup olive juice, reserved from the jar
1/4 cup premium vodka (always purchase the good stuff, we aren't in college anymore!)

1 teaspoon prepared horseradish
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1/4 cup lime juice

2 shakes Chipotle Tabasco sauce (this is my favorite Tabasco variety, but you can opt for the original, too)

1. In a large pitcher, combine all ingredients, swirl with a wooden spoon, and add ice as needed. Taste to see if it is to your liking. Like it hot? Add more Tabasco as desired.
2. Serve in chilled, salt-rimmed glasses filled with ice. Top off with a few olives, a twist of freshly ground black pepper, and a cool celery stalk.

Nutrition score per serving: 83 calories, 2g fat (0g saturated), 9g carbs, 1g protein, 0g fiber, 780mg sodium, 7g sugars

Set up the following spread for your guests to mix their own drinks:

Sea salt (to rim glasses)


Tomato juice
Premium vodka
Freshly ground black pepper
Celery stalks with leaves
Olive brine

Chipotle Tabasco sauce
Prepared horseradish
Paper straws

Mini-bar napkins

Adapted from Candice Kumai's book Cook Yourself Sexy. Rodale Books, 2012


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