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A Cozy and Comforting Green Tea Cocktail


This collection of 20 creative ways to enjoy green tea (oatmeal, cookies, or stir-fry anyone?) has been so popular I thought, why not a green tea cocktail? Warm and soothing and packed with all the health benefits we love about green tea, this seems like the perfect drink to unwind with after a long week at work.

Kinky Tea 
192 calories

1 bag green tea
3 ounces BULLDOG Gin 
2 lemon slices
1/4 ounce Splenda syrup*  

Put tea bag into a glass with gin and heat for 30 seconds. Remove tea bag, squeeze one lemon slice into gin, and add simple syrup. Transfer to an ice-filled shaker, shake, and strain into a rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with remaining lemon slice.

*To make Splenda syrup, heat two parts Splenda and one part water over low heat in a saucepan, stirring until Splenda fully dissolves.

As an editor at SHAPE I have the chance to learn about the healthiest ways to cook, eat, and live from all sorts of experts but I’m also a single girl living in NYC with a busy schedule, active social life, and chocolate cravings. I’m here to share what works for me—and where I need a little help from you.



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