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The Eighth Cocktail of Christmas: Eight Bloody Merry Maids a Milking


On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave eight bloody merry maids a milking, seven sparkling swans a swimming, six geese a laying snowflakes, FIVE BOX OF WINE, four calling birds (who live in a spice tree), three French martinis, two turtlenecks and Campari with a pear purée.

I’m not a bloody Mary drinker but my friends just love them and I try to keep my guests happy. But despite what the girls say, that thick red drink just looks gross to me. Finally, I’ve found a bloody Mary recipe I don’t mind serving. This one is just gorgeous! Plus, it’s so festive for Christmas. The rosy red tomatoes look like jewels floating in a snowy wonderland. Serve this alongside your Christmas brunch and you’ll really impress your (adult) guests. 

1oz Russian Standard Vodka 
0.5oz Lucid Absinthe
0.5oz cucumber water*
Splash lemon juice
0.5oz simple syrup **
2 muddled cherry tomatoes
Black pepper and sea salt rim (optional)

Muddle tomatoes in bottom of a shaker. Combine all ingredients and shake with ice. Strain into a chilled coupe glass rimmed with black pepper and sea salt.

*Peel cucumber and leave soaking in water for 2-4 days. Strain particles out with a cheesecloth and retain the liquid.
**Combine 1 teaspoon (packet) of Splenda with luke warm water. Stir until dissolved. 

Nutrition Info
Approximately 128 calories

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