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Goldfish Fun Facts: Pepperidge Farm Turns 75 Today


Growing up with Goldfish in my lunch box and Milanos as our family’s “fancy” cookie (you were only allowed two at a time, after dinner, doled out by Mom—not as an after school snack) Pepperidge Farm is close to this Fit Foodies heart and today the beloved brand is turning 75! In honor of the company’s milestone birthday, I’ve compiled a list of Goldfish fun facts and more random Pepperidge Farm trivia you can use for fodder by the water cooler today.

  • On August 15, 1937, Margaret Rudkin sold her first loaf of preservative-free bread and Pepperidge Farm is born
  • Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers were originally made in Switzerland and sold as Goldfish Tiny Crackers
  • In 1962 Rudkin introduces Goldfish crackers to the United States, making the crackers 50 later this year
  • 142 billion Goldfish crackers are produced a year
  • Goldfish are sold in 45 countries around the world
  • One Goldfish cracker is 2.5 calories meaning you can have 55 fishies for 140 calories
  • In one year, Pepperidge Farm produces 558 million Milano cookies, enough to cross the U.S more than seven times
  • Milano cookies are just 60 calories a piece with three grams of fat
  • Today, Pepperidge Farm shares their 75th anniversary with Julia Child’s 100th birthday
  • Julia Child was known to serve Goldfish crackers as an appetizer before dinner

  • Pepperidge Farm founder Margaret Rudkin at the Connecticut factory

    What are your favorite Pepperidge Farm products? Sausalito cookies, cinnamon swirl bread, Pirouette? There are so many good ones! Share your faves in the comments below and stay tuned. The brand is introducing 35 new products this year!

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